1st Impression! Becca+Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Face Palette *這個高光腮紅粉餅盤到底好不好用?*| JJ BeautyRoom

Hello, I am Jennie! Today we will review the super popular Becca + Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette The box is super pretty! And that’s Jaclyn right there! It comes with a sample too! How delightful! I’ve never seen any companies that include samples within the packaging of their full size products! Good. The packaging is white in colour, and it’s super pretty! Now I shut up and actually open the damn thing… It comes with a nice mirror! Before I was watching JefreeStar’s review on this, and he was saying how great the mirror is. I was like it’s just a mirror… but its true. The mirror is great. It doesn’t twist your face into weird shapes… You know how sometimes you go shop, and the mirror in the store makes you look skinnier and you buy the dress, and go home and then you look in the mirror again, and then you’re like wtf am I doing with my life… Anyways, so this palette comes with 2 highlighters The colours are Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop. Champagne Pop is more peachy, and Prosecco Pop is more golden. The price of this after tax was $69.90 CAD it’s a bit expensive but that’s how the price for makeup runs now a days. It contains just over 20g of product, so it’s quite worth it. First impressions! Rose Spritz looks like Nars Orgasm It’s a peachy pink with golden shimmer. Amaretto reminds me of Benefit Dallas Girl. It’s a rosy bronze colour. It’s also quite matte. The Pamplemousse colour looks a lot like a deep coral MAC has lots of colours similar to this. Champagne is a peachy golden colour with pink in it Prosecco Pop is super yellow! It’s a true yellow gold. Now onto demos! I will put highlighter on first Blushes second Then the bronze colour last. Using a MAC 138 brush, I am going to dip into champagne pop first. It’s super pigmented! One gentle tap of brush is enough! Wow shiny! I don’t actually like highlighters much. But it’s so hot right now… I had to jump in the bandwagon. It’s very shiny and pearly. Now for Prosecco on my other cheek! Also super pigmented! It’s also shiny! Looks similar on my skin tone. But Champagne Pop looks prettier! It’s wet and shiny looking. Prosecco looks like gold shimmer. It’s a bit more dry and matte looking. While Champagne Pop side is shiny and wet, Prosecco Pop side looks like I over dosed on gold shimmer powder. Now for blushes! Rose Spritz will go on my left cheek! Here it is! I am using a heavy hand today, I want everyone to see the colours properly! On my right cheeks, I am putting on pamplemousse! Rose Spritz is more natural, while Pamplemousse is more summery Now for the bronzy Amaretto colour! I know I am putting every thing in the wrong place, don’t mind me.. Just want you to see the colours! It’s truly a pretty palette. I love this palette! Everything is so pigmented! No double-dipping needed! 😀 In general it’s a very useful cheek palette. Not sure how it looks on darker skin tones though! I like it, I think it’s one of the successful ones a youtube beauty blogger made with a big brand. If you want it, go to Sephora ASAP! they sell out super fast omg… Thanks for watching girlies! Hope you liked it! Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe! 😀 See you next time! 🙂 Bye!

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