🔵 Pasta In A Sausage White Wine Sauce

welcome friends today in the studio I’m
gonna make a pretty simple lunchtime pasta dish that I really enjoy and that
is orecchietti pretty sure I’m saying that wrong
but sort of little ear pasta with a sausage white wine sauce and it comes
together really quickly pretty much in the time that it takes the water to come
to a boil and the pasta to cook you can have everything else measured out and
cooked so in this pan I put a little bit of olive oil just to get the sausage
started so this is one of our homemade Italian sausages I’ve taken the casing
off and I’m just gonna put that in and brown it and break it up as it starts to
brown well that’s going I’m going to grate some hard Italian cheese an aged
cheese I use pretty much whatever I’ve got open in the fridge whether that’s
par more pecorino and I like to grate it myself rather than use one of those
shaker cans the flavor is just so much better and it really isn’t that much
more expensive when you figure it out okay so the water is boiling in goes the
pasta and give it a stir just so that it doesn’t clump together bubbling away so
our sausage is cooked through at this point and pretty brown so I’m gonna add
in some red pepper flakes to taste make it as hot or not hot as you like we’ll
just sort of stir that in to get them cooking and white wine white wine of
your choice and I’ll just bring that up to a boil to
burn off that alcohol flavor you want the wine flavor but not the alcohol
flavor now I’m going to throw in some frozen peas and you could put in pretty
much any vegetable you want you could put in sort of broccoli you could steam
off a little bit of broccoli and put that in asparagus tips you could put
that in kale spinach whatever you want I mean I’ve done this with butternut
squash little bits of roasted butternut squash that were leftover from a dinner
a couple nights before absolutely fantastic so really anything you want to
put in as your vegetable and if you don’t wanna put a vegetable in don’t put
a vegetable in I mean it’s gonna be your pasta so do what you please that’s gonna
come up to temperature and we’ll check the pasta not even close yet okay doing
good okay so we are minutes away from the
pasta being done I’m going to finish this sauce with a little bit of cold
butter you put butter in and you stir it furiously and that will give your sauce
a really nice silky feel and flavor that’s just unbelievable
so we stir that in pasta is done so I’m gonna turn that off and we pull it over
and we just transfer the pasta out of the pot directly into the pan with the
sauce and you want to bring the pasta water with it that pasta water is going
to help thicken the sauce and make it really sort of rich and luscious okay
toss this all together and we drop in the cheese just stir it till it’s melted looks great now before I serve it of
course give it a taste make sure that the the spicing is right yeah um for me
maybe just a little bit more hot pepper just a little bit bring that flavor up
now there are a whole bunch of things that you can do to change this certainly
a little bit of white wine vinegar would be fantastic in this brighten that
flavor just a little bit a squeeze of lemon if you’ve got a lemon just squeeze
a little lemon juice in there it’ll do the same thing that acid will just
brighten everything up at this point if you wanted to you put like a quarter
cup of heavy cream in here and mix that in and that’ll just sort of bring even
more unctuous nests to the dish but I didn’t do any of those
things because you know it’s lunch time in the studio I need something quick and
fast and I just wanted to use what I had on hand I really like this I’d say this
head and head with the macaroni and cheese hmm thanks for stopping by see
you again soon you

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  • So glad to find your channel! Not too big on measuring and rigidity while cooking. My family loves Italian sausage but I catch myself making the same thing every time. Love the ideas you threw out for variety! Thanks!

  • Awesomely simple! Was the video/recipe done more or less in real time? Can it compete with mac 'n cheese in that time frame? If it can it's a real winner!

  • I got to this video from the cola one in my recommended. I have been looking around your videos and the quality is amazing for your channel's size. Does this air on Canadian TV or something similar?

  • Great channel, new to it, love the experimental side of it. Fellow gourmet cook, curious with the open recipe and how they relate to each other.

    Add cream its a rough Alfredo,

    black pepper/ red flake, bacon/sausage a carbanara, with similar cheeses to both.

    Veggies for sweetness, possibly for sausage taste if spicy/ fennel/ anise? And

    white wine for a fermenty/ chicken taste for sausage/ chicken?

  • I tried this recipe last night. It is a definite keeper 💖 I did it exactly as shown and even my better half (who is the quintessential grumpy "GET OFF MY LAWN" old man) liked it. He actually said "Don't lose that one." 👴👵 LOL

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