🔞 How To Make An Old Fashioned Cocktail

hi I’m Trevor from tipicular fixins and I
am making an old fashioned cocktail for you today now to construct this old fashioned by
no means am I saying I am the authority on the old fashioned this is my
interpretation the thing with cocktails you have to remember is that so many
stories have been told about the way that they’re made and usually when
they’re being made people are having a few drinks and so the histories get a
little bit muddled and so do the way people make them you know they change
and evolve over time this is my interpretation of the old fashioned cocktail recipe I
take two sugar cubes I use of dark ones I had those that saturate them with the
bidders I’ve used a cocktail of bitters I’ve you used three different styles of
bitters and that gives it a little extra you know you know boost and depth and
that’s what you really want to do you want to give the person who’s drinking
your cocktails you know something to think about and say wow there’s you know
there’s some spiciness to this cocktail that I don’t recognize and you could say
well i got the trifecta of bitters in there and that pretty much you know your
secret weapon that sets you aside or apart from everybody else making drinks
out there once the bidders have interacted with the sugar cube you want
to muddle them and because they’re in season blood orange slices now it’s most
practical to use a bar spoon with a flat base you can use a muddler if you like
but because you’re gonna be stirring this cocktail a little bit later it just
makes more sense to use a bar spoon with the flat head once you’ve muddled those
in you’re going to add in your whiskey the old fashioned is very pleasing to
the palate it’s quite strong so if you’re you know you’re not used to
drinking spirit forward cocktails you want to slowly introduce yourself to
this one the way I have made it quite approachable for the average person it’s
by adding a little bit of soda water not everybody does that some people add a
little bit of water some people don’t even add water at all which is quite
fine and what I like to do with the zest is give it a little flame on top anytime
I make a cocktail I like to add some sort of theater or an element where
people kind of they do one of those like what the heck’s going on in this bar
this guy’s lighting things on fire if you’re making a really great cocktail
you want to use the finest ingredients you can find and this here is a sour
cherry that that I’ve added for me this is a beauty the ingredients that I’ve
added our well measured out and well the proportions are pretty spot-on in terms
of pleasing to my palate and I hope they’re pleasing to yours as well

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  • How to make an Old Fashioned Cocktail

    Trevor from Tipicular Fixin’s mixes this classic cocktail, with a bit of history.

    1.75oz Canadian Club 
    2 sugar cubes
    6 dashes of your favourite bitters or a combination of bitters
    1 orange slice cut into quarters
    1 orange peel
    1 cherry
    .75oz club soda

    Method:  Add sugar cubes to a mixing glass and saturate with bitters, muddle the cubes. Add whisky and stir until sugar crystals completely dissolve.  Add orange segments and muddle to extract juice.  Strain into a rocks glass over ice, add soda and stir.  Garnish with a maraschino cherry and orange zest. 
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