► Stim Junkie Energy Drink | C4 ULTIMATE Carbonated Review [On the Go]

what’s going on everyone TJ fitness dings reviews and together with me today the cellucor c4 ultimate our TD listen people this is not your grandma’s energy drink no like if you’re thinking okay another bang competitors this is not a band competitor this is the most loaded loaded energy drink out there this is not really an energy drink it is a super steam junkie pre-workout encapsulated into an early lead energy drink anyway I’m gonna take you through the label I’m gonna tell you what’s in it and why you should give a shit and then right towards the end of the video I’m gonna give you my final verdict because I’ve already had like two or three of those let’s get right into it okay guys so you know c4 going into the energy drink cellucor I mean they actually had a very different approach instead of coming out with a damn competitor you know like something you’ll find on 7-eleven just take it and move on with your life like an energy kick like basically caffeine in a with a soda then they actually went with the pre-workout approach so I will give the c-4 a pre-workout which basically was a c4 like a regular c4 encapsulated into an energy drink which actually tasted good we’d see for ultimate what they’re doing they’re basically taking their leading pre-workout there’s steam junkie version of pre-work on the c4 ultimate which is honestly a super decent pre-workout like it is actually if you take away the DMH a DM whatever it’s it’s one of the better dosed pre workouts out there actually review the tour of the channel I’m gonna link to it below basically they took that shit they took all of that things on that label and put it in an energy drink for me this was actually super interesting even though right up front I’ll tell you I don’t really get the making it a sparkling drink right I mean if you’re gonna do this as an RTD pre-workout food pre-workout just take off the sparkle make it like still and I totally dig it like I I can see how I can go around with it it’s on the go maybe I bite in a gym fridge I see I don’t understand why would I go through a full one of these with all these gasps before a workout let’s take the gas outside like they said and let’s talk about what’s in it so listen guys look at this later first night by the way looking feet looks amazing and then when you buy it on the cellular site you can get this variety pack that has like used to have like four of them there’s there’s one left you get like Arctic snow cone topical glass there was another one can’t remember which one and then this one is this one is tropical blast another tropical best anyway they look really good so they follow the design of the original c4 ultimate but anyway what I want to say if there was an answer always in my mind why don’t bang and a couple of others actually put like Buddhist ingredients into their pre-workout into their energy drink and I really thought like maybe it’s flavor maybe it’s about some other thing if it’s cost but listen what these guys put into this shit here is freakin unbelievable look at it six grams by the zero calories six grams of citrulline malate six grams 3.2 carnist in the talon ii 1.5 beating one gram arginine one gram taurine and then they have their energy and focus blend which is seven hundred and eight milligrams which basically has alpha sized GPC my guess is by the way 200 milligrams it has obviously caffeine 300 milligrams and then it has an acetyl tyrosine and then it has anyway I’m not gonna go through the whole day list you can see it here it’s a problem but basically this is see for almost a sip for ultimate which again I guess it’s a super dosed pre-workout in a can which I mean this is this is this is the most in junk e energy drink out there for sure but it is a pre-workout I mean at least if you I mean the better alanine like I just don’t see myself driving needing like a kick in my butt to wake up and taking something that has so much better learning and getting the technique now flavor I can tell you the other papers that I tried all of them like we’re great I’m gonna try tropical blast for the first time it’s really good listen cellucor always would good with flavors this is super as far as flavor the sparkling piece is feels a bit more sparkling than a band but it’s not too bad again I think this wasn’t a pre-workout type exercise then perfect with the sparkle because of the label here and because of all the shit that they have here pump power recovery focus energy I’m dangling this is this is a still junkie energy drink but you need to be really still junkie to take it unless you’re gonna work out as far as the actual effect people even because I already as I told you already had like three-quarters of this variety pack this shit works listen if you liked it for ultimate like I said I’m gonna link to that review below and you know I mean it’s for a traditional steam based pre-workout it is it is good this is as good it just has everything in it so honestly like if they took out the methylamine I would say if we can say this is definitely the best RTD out there until like they come out with errors RTD anyway anyway I’m gonna link to the cellucor site where you can get this variety pack I think you should give it a shot anyway it’s worth it just to feel what an energy drink like a fully dosed energy drink should look like as far as the use case itself like I tell you like I told you I I don’t fully get it less than people if this video was helpful in your steam junkie energy drink decision making process give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel to see more reviews like this because this is what we do here really exactly what we do here we buy this stuff we check it out to try it when we tell you what we think about it we always give you our honest freaking opinion and if you want to save money on anything fitness fitness dil news.com that’s where smart people go to find the best deals and coupons from all over the web we don’t sell 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