Украшение для шампанского/(ENG SUB)/Decoration for Champagne/ Марина Кляцкая

Hello everyone, my dear subscribers with you again. Marina Klyatskaya In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how you can make a decoration for two bottles of champagne by easy way this is a great addition to the previous master class in which I made a basket for champagne it looks incredibly beautiful together We need a tape 4.5 cm wide or 5 cm we attach the tape to the champagne bottles, and glue the resulting intersection of the two ribbons We need three such roses, I made them over a candle for this we take a tape 2.5 cm wide and one petal 4.5 cm for one rose we need 16 petals using the wire to form our flowers after which the unnecessary stalk is removed with using pliers on the previously prepared felt base we glue our three flowers The main ribbon is decorated with a thin lace the composition with flowers will be supplemented with leaves from cold porcelain, they can also be replaced with leaves made of satin On the other side, take the two centimeter tape of organza and fold it as shown in the video after our composition is ready, we can fix it on the main tape ribbon edges 4,5 cm ribbon also decorated with gold lace here such an easy and simple decoration will look at any pair of champagne and on any table, so repeat and see my other master classes, especially recommend a basket for champagne look together incredibly, all for now, subscribe, write comments and good bye to everyone)

2 thoughts on “Украшение для шампанского/(ENG SUB)/Decoration for Champagne/ Марина Кляцкая

  • Мариночка, укранение оочень красивое!! И голосочек твой! Вы просто молодец, спасибо за МК!!!

  • силиконовый коврик вам в помощь,и стол пачкаться клеем не будет

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