Корзина для шампанского /(ENG SUB)/Champagne basket/Марина Кляцкая

Hello everyone, my dear subscribers with you again. Marina Klyatskaya In this video tutorial, I’ll tell you how to make a basket for two bottles of champagne which traditionally the couple put on the table First we will create a drawing of our basket, this requires A4 sheet draw a straight line, then with the help of a circular draw two circles with a radius of 47 mm they will be from each other at a distance of 5 mm further with the help of a ruler we connect these circles from two sides well, and the resulting figure is cut out If you want a larger basket, do not forget to add a 1cm to the right places and make the corresponding circle We also need the sides of the basket, I took a cardboard 50.5 cm long and a large 15 cm, also cut out such a bevel you can choose any form, as a result we should get such a basket, do not forget for the allowances, I left them 1 cm and cut them into pieces here is the preview of how our basket should look I made two notches on the bottom, they must match the two sides of the basket do not forget that these circles should be the same for you and if you need to align them Now with the help of sheets A4 we will make the inner part can choose absolutely any material The inner part will be the same size as the outer one from the cardboard, but at the bottom we trim each by 1.5 cm here are the main parts that we will need, this white part and two cardboard, this is the bottom, the side part of cardboard and of white paper we match the bottom and the walls and after that everything is glued together the bottom is already glued take the second cardboard and glue it with the material of the right color Side parts of the cardboard will also be pasted with a satin of the same color take the size of our cut 53.5 cm and a height of 18 cm that would be on the bend gradually glue the material to our basket We cut our corner with scissors and after that we scorch it with a lighter gradually paste the remaining material into the inside of the basket glue the bottom of white paper glue an additional tape that will hide all our errors glue the white paper inside of our basket the bottom is decorated with golden lace from the outside of the basket let’s open a great lace leftovers of lace we hide at the bottom of the basket lace joint we will close the ribbon of 2.5 cm pink color glue the bottom that we wrapped earlier the seabed in the basket itself is hidden by golden lace the top of the basket can be left as it is possible, hide with the help of a normal bake the junction of the beike can be decorated with the same golden lace So in the end I got such a wonderful basket, I make it for a reason, there will be a decor on bottles on top, I’ll show them in the next video So do not miss it, subscribe, put a like, ask questions, if there are such and good bye to everyone))

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