Бекон сырокопченый с виски Raw smoked bacon with whiskey ENG SUB

Can you smell it? Can you imagine its taste? Oh no, you can’t! Hello! I’m Dmitry Fresco
and you’re watching “COOLinary propaganda”. Our regular viewers surely remember
my numerous experiments with bacon, sausages and other cold meat. But all these products have been
fully cooked and smoked so far, except fish, of course. So today I’m starting the process of cooking
raw smoked bacon. I’ve tried this recipe and I really like it, so I decided to show it to you. The cooking process is very long —
it will take at least two weeks, but I’ll only spend a little time to cook this bacon. By the way, those who accidentally came across this channel and didn’t see the videos
I told you about — click here, here, or better check the video description
or channel playlists — all links will be there. There are some really cool recipes, as well as very tasty bacon and sausages. Anyway, enough talking!
Let’s start cooking bacon. Follow me! Like I said, the cooking process is extremely simple. Firstly, as for the salt curing: I’m going to salt it using dry method, well, relatively dry, because there
will be whiskey in the curing mixture. Last time I cooked bacon with bourbon, now I want to try adding Irish whiskey. I guess this should be interesting. So to salt our bacon we need: Nitrite salt Kitchen salt Sugar Green and black pepper 2 cinnamon sticks 2 bay leaves I’ll specify the exact quantities per kilogram
in the video description. To begin with, we need to grind pepper, and I’ll use a mortar for this. Don’t worry if you don’t have it, you can do this even with the flat of the knife (just crush it with the flat side). It doesn’t have to be finely cut,
all we need is just to have it in pieces. Well, that’s enough. At the same time, I’m adding sugar,
nitrite and kitchen salt. As for sugar — well, brown sugar
would be a better option, because it has not only a sweet taste, but also a very specific aroma. Unfortunately, I don’t have it, so I’ll do without it. Our regular viewers have heard it million times, but for the new ones I repeat: we add nitrite salt (a mixture of common salt with sodium nitrite
in different proportions) into such products for three reasons. First, nitrite salt gives a certain ham taste. Second, it helps to retain its red color. And third, nitrite salt inhibits
the development of Clostridium botulinum, that is, it protects us from
the effects of botulinum toxin. As for today’s recipe,
there is no need to retain the color, because we will not heat the meat. And the other 2 reasons remain valid. Still, we need to add whiskey. By the way, you can try using cognac instead of whiskey, or some other aromatic strong drink, such as rum. So I have this piece of bacon, or Panncetta, as it’s called here. It’s a little less
than four kilograms, so I will add 40 grams of whiskey. So the main curing mixture is ready, all we need to do is to rub our bacon with it and leave it for a week to become salty. If your bacon is the same thickness as mine —
within 4-6 cm, then a week would be enough. If it’s thicker (there might be a huge pig
with a good bacon, with a very nice belly) then it is possible to increase
the salting time to 8-9 days. It is pointless leaving it for more than 10 days. It will be salted in the refrigerator,
not in the freezer, at temperatures between 0ºC and +5ºC. I’ll put a couple of cinnamon sticks
with a couple of bay leaves at the bottom, and there goes our bacon. So the process of salting has begun. Now I’ll cover it with a plastic wrap
and put it in the fridge. See you in a week! A week has passed, and the bacon was salted properly. Now it’s time to spend another 5 minutes to work on it. It’s really wet now, and this moisture
is not only the whiskey I added, but also the juice that bacon gave to the brine.
See how beautiful it is! During this week I changed the position of cinnamon sticks and bay leaves several times, and now this piece is soaked evenly with all these flavors. I turned the bacon over several times, but still there is more salt outside than inside. And in order to get it perfectly even
after the end of cooking process, we need to smooth out all these tastes and aromas. So now I’ll wash everything from
the surface of this piece. As I said in the video about smoking,
well, for example, in this one: Before you put the product into
the smoke generator it must be dried. In no way should a wet product get into
the smoke generator. I repeat once again, that there are both
light and heavy elements when smoked (resins and other bad stuff). So when the product is wet, then this moisture remains
in the smoke generator’s space for quite a long time,
and it does not have time to evaporate. Accordingly, the product is always colder
than the surrounding space (even in the case of cold smoking
that we have now, the smoke will have temperature of about 20ºC, and the product (we have still winter right now) will be probably about 16ºC. So on a wet product the smoke will condense, or not even smoke, but moisture, even that one that seems to have been evaporated. And the heavy elements will dissolve in this moisture, so it’s not only harmful, but also some ugly marks can appear
on the surface of the product. Therefore, it’s important to dry it carefully. Actually, I was planning on drying it in a dehydrator, I told you about it in this video, when I was smoking another product in there. Click and watch it, or check the video description. But we got the final surge of winter here, the rains broke — it’s been raining hard the whole night. I wanted to put it outside, but you can’t place a dehydrator just in the rain — the water will start to drop from the top of it. So I’ll hang it up for 24 hours
in a little warmer atmosphere of the kitchen, and that would be great! So I’ve dried it with a paper towel. I want to cover it with a fresh layer
of freshly ground black pepper before I hang it out to dry. For this, I need my mortar and pepper. I’ll use black and green pepper again. I don’t know which spices you prefer to use before smoking, that’s fully to your taste. I liked the version that I tried last time: a mixture of green and black pepper
in approximately equal proportion. As for the proportions: well, for this piece of bacon I’ll take about a teaspoon of black and a teaspoon of green pepper. Just a reminder, there’s no need
to crush pepper much (same as last time). Of course, it’s up to your taste, but I like it better when the grinding is coarse. Coarse pepper gives me a brighter scent. In this case, there’s more smell and less bitterness, and it doesn’t disappear for a long time. Perhaps someone may think that there is not enough pepper, but I don’t insist on this exact amount. The fact is, I have children who eat
this bacon with great pleasure, and if I put a lot of pepper
so that it would be very hot, they will protest. Well, that would be fine I guess. All that remains is to hang it up to dry for one day. For this, I will put the string through (as I already showed in the video about
the fully cooked and smoked bacon). In case you missed it — click here and check the video. So I used the usual knife for vegetables. Something like that, and then just stretch it.
Everything is ready! So I’ll hang the bacon up in the kitchen
until tomorrow morning. See you! Good morning! The bacon has been dried. Now you can see that it’s a little bit dryish
and shiny on top. It’s time to start smoking. I’ve already told you about the fumatory, but in case you missed it, click here and check it. In this video I’ll tell why and how I use it. I usually light it up with a gas burner,
but I ran out of gas. Therefore, I’ll use the standard method. This is an ordinary candle from IKEA. By the way, I got this candle together
with this smoke generator. Now I put it here, and it will stay on fire
for a little while. The sawdust will start to burn,
the smoke will come out, and after that you can begin to smoke. As you can see, everything got flamed up, so it’s time to put the bacon. So I put the bacon away from the main stream of smoke so that the smoke does not rise on
the piece of meat directly. Otherwise, that part of bacon will have
a too strong smell of smoke, and the bacon will be cooked unevenly. Now all that remains is to put the lid and just wait. It is very important to control
the amount of smoke for both hot and cold smoking. The thing is, that all those home-smoked products I’ve tried have always had an overly strong smell of smoke. That shows that people do not control
the process while smoking products, and act on the principle “the more the better”. In my opinion, this is absolutely wrong. For example, take any good product you like
from the industrial production. It does not have this strong smell of smoke,
and this is very important. This little smoke generator, which I told you about,
is good because … Well it’s a little bit pricey, but you can do
the same one on your own. So, it is good because it gives a small amount of smoke. As I’ve already said, you can smoke with this smoke generator
even on your balcony, because the smoke from it is not more
than from a cigarette or two. This small amount of smoke certainly increases the time during which you need to smoke the product, but it allows you to control the process accurately. I will smoke the bacon using so-called gradual method. This means that I will smoke it continuously for two days, then goes a day of rest and then, another day of smoking. What is it done for? Smoke covers the product and transports the substances which preserve it. These substances cannot instantly
go through the whole product, therefore, when smoked, the outer layer
is always much more soaked with these substances than the inner one. Gradual smoking is when there is a day of smoking, and then goes a day of rest,
then a day of smoking / a day of rest. This method allows the substances
that are on the surface of the product to go inside during this little break. And therefore, the whole product turns out to be much more evenly soaked with these aromas and there is no need to polish the product
outside in order to preserve it. Covered with much calmer, softer,
smoky aromas outside, the product is soaked with these aromas inside as well. That is why I strongly recommend you to build a smoke generator of this type
and try to smoke like that. Once again, I take note of the fact
that for a smoke generator of this size, I have enough sawdust for 11-12 hours
of continuous smoke generation. And there is no yellowness or brown shade outside, about which the beginners go crazy. So the product has a very cool taste and aroma. Any difficulties or problems! I’m telling you this not
because I’m such a cool smoker. I just observe how people who really
involved in this business do that. “Really” does not mean they smoke products commercially. No, I follow those who study this process, who read books, who try to define the amount of smoke they need, they even put all kinds of optical sensors at home in order to monitor the amount of smoke. So I learn from their experience,
from reading the relevant literature. I was asked about it in this video, and I gave some links of those recipes
that I use in the comments. You can check it. So I get a product that I really like. I admit that many of you being in the country
or on a fishing trip, used to throw fish / meat into a metal box
and put it on fire. Then you go “Ah that’s delicious,
that’s great, wow it smells like smoke!” The first time I tried something like that with friends, and I also liked it. But since I’ve started trying other products I realized that those first impressions
were sort of “if it’s hot it’s done”. Therefore, before you turn off the video, please, try to make a smoke generator
of this type and use it. Try something new! I’ve tried smoked products from fumatories
like that (I’ll put it here), and from small fumatories as well. I’ve already compared all of them, and opted for a longer smoking with
a little amount of smoke. With an amount sufficient for a decent product. Well, meet you in two days! Good morning! It is finally time
to try this wonderful bacon. By now, it was smoking for a total of two
and a half days with a rest for 36 hours. Then it was hung up for 24 hours
(it had an airing so to speak), and after that I covered it with plastic, and let it stay in the refrigerator
for another two days. While it was covered with plastic, all tastes and aromas have evenly
covered the entire piece. Let’s cut it and see what’s inside! Wow, it’s beautiful! Looks like a dream… It came out very nice inside,
very flavorful, so let’s try it. I’ll cut a slice and a few pieces. Some people constantly tell me
that I roll my eyes while trying dishes. But, my friends, ask someone you know to try something and then describe its taste as accurately as possible. No matter what dish exactly.
And shoot it at least with your phone. You will be surprised to find
that if a person focuses on anything, for example, trying to feel all the smells and aromas, or trying to feel the taste, will definitely look at one point and roll his eyes. Same with me. Ok, let’s try it. This is a very nice product, and like any raw smoked bacon, it stretches on your teeth like rubber. And of course I like its taste,
that’s why I choose this recipe. I do not know where it comes from, but when you add whiskey to the curing mixture, bacon comes with a light apple flavor. And in my opinion this is a very interesting flavor. So from all the main recipes
I’ve been using to cook smoked bacon, this one is probably one of the greatest ones. Oh, so good! Nice taste, wonderful aroma! To summarize, I highly recommend you
to buy or make your own smoke generator of this type. You can use it even on the balcony, as it gives a little amount of smoke,
not more than from a cigarette. And best part: it does not require a lot of attention, like any smoke generators.
It is truly a pleasure to cook with it. This is great! And you don’t need to be a super duper chef
to cook such bacon (I’m not praising myself as some may think). I’m just sharing a really nice recipe with you. Use it. It is really simple. Of course, you need to be patient and have some time, but just use this recipe and you will
definitely get a great result. Thank you for your attention, bye-bye!

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  • Дмитрий, я вот сколько не делал со специями и никогда ещё не удалось сохранить их аромат после копчения…. Даже пробовал лошадиными дозами, но результат тот же, остаётся только аромат дыма… Что не так делаю???

  • Очень интересно слушать знающего Человека. Большое спасибо!

  • Насчет дыма согласен. применял самодельный дымогенератор из профильной трубы с компрессором для аквариума – продукция получалась перенасыщенная дымом с кисловатым привкусом и камера для копчения неотвратимо покрывается смолами(канцерогенами) Компрессор удалил а на дымоход поставил простой вентилятор для вытяжки (в вентсистеме в ванной , в туалете применяют) и получил "щадящий", как я называю, дым. И здесь меня не устроило количество расхода щепы. Сделал лабиринтный дымогенератор(подобые вашего из перфосетки для зерносушилки, применялись на зернотоках) Опилки сам делаю на торцовочной пиле (из стволов или веток фруктовых деревьев дуба бука и т.д. вишню особенно люблю) Этот вариант больше всего понравился.Часов на 12 хватает, сидеть над ним не надо и дым щадящий получается. Как бы там ни было, у вас есть чему поучиться. Успехов ВАМ во всем.

  • А если его дальше вялить, нужны такие же условия как у сыровяла (влажность, темп)? Или менее строгих достаточно?

  • Здравствуйте Дмитрий! Спасибо за рецепт. Пробовал,сказать что удался- ничего не сказать! Но… Набрался наглости и кое что изменил, виски заменил коньяком а корицу кавказскими травами(вся ушла на ваш вариант). Семье и друзьям больше понравилось моё "творческое безобразие".

  • Дмитрий с УВАЖЕНИЕМ К Твоему творчеству и терпению.Я тоже по крови Отца повар и к приготовлению любого блюда влаживаю душу и любовь- Это самые лучшие специи. УДАЧИ ДРУЖИЩЕ и ПРИВЕТ ОТ ДУШИ с ДОНБАССА Украина.

  • Попробовал приготовить, очень вкусно получилось! Реально магазинный бекон теперь для меня отстой. Единственное что, коптилку использовал самодельную.

  • Вчера получил посылку с али экспресса с такой же коптильней за 700 руб качество хорошее

  • Дима привет.Приготовил Краковскую по твоему рецепту -бомба!!! Все друзья в восторге.Спасибо огромное.

  • Дмитрий добрый день! Я новый подписчик) Начал готовить бекон по Вашему рецепту. Отпишусь через 15 дней, что получилось. Уверен все получится

  • Дмитрий, а его уже можно есть через неделю засолки без копчения????

  • Здравствуйте, Дмитрий. Засолила бекон по вашему рецепту. У меня к вам вопрос: какой из двух вкуснее- сыровяленый или варенокопченый бекон? Спасибо.

  • На вид (может и ошибаюсь) бекон выглядит слишком молод. Я бы выдал дней 10. Повторяю. Не то что я тут такой умник. Я для себя вижу так.

  • Спасибо Вам,что вы есть,еще спасибо за Павла Агапкина,которого Вы рекомендовали.
    Благодаря ваши с Павлом рецептам(и его магазину) магазинных ,,вкусностей" у нас дома не стало совсем-только свое.
    Ваш рецепт Коппы стал бестселлером в нашей семье.

  • Да блин, я обожаю этот канал, подачу. Сралик посасывает

  • Здравствуйте! Результат впечатляет! Очень красивый продукт! У меня 2 вопроса: 1). Скажите пожалуйста, а колбаски (рубка), также можно по этому рецепту коптить?! И, 2). Свинная голень на кости?! Либо нужен исключительно ровный плоский кусок?! Заранее благодарю, очень надеюсь на Ваш ответ. Спасибо за Ваш труд!

  • Совсем не солёный, я бы сказал пресный получился, в пропорциях ошибки нет?

  • Это один из худших вариантов дымогенератора! Все тяжёлые фракции дыма будут на продукте!

  • От чего зависит такое красивое сало????? От кормежки, от породы свиней, от какого то специального содержания????????!!!! Всю жизнь держим свое хозяйство но такой прослойки в сале никогда не было!!!!! Если и бывает то ееееле(!!!) заметное там 2-3 миллиметра….

  • Добрый день. Попробовал приготовить по вашему рецепту но за сутки копчения получился вот такой цвет. (коптил на дубе)[2 фотографии]
    1. https://vk.com/photo99112285_456264459
    2. https://vk.com/photo99112285_456264460

  • Ну всё записался в Ваш кружок, заказал на разных сайтах разных прибамбасов, через недельку начну "творить". Надоело есть мертвечину из магазинов. Спасибо за науку!

  • Я от просмотра , получил огромное удовольствие . Я представляю какой там вкус . Браво маэстро !!!

  • Доброго времени суток Дмитрий! Очень понравился рецепт. Сделал 1 в 1. Запах обалденный. Но почемуто присутствует кислинка во вкусе. Где возможен брак?

  • Дмитрий,а если после копчения,бекон проветрить и закатать в вакуум,без вяления.Насколько это уместно?Ну нет возможности вялить)

  • После такого видео есть захотелось и выпить, а я только из-за стола….

  • Великолепный рецепт. Давно искал способ приготовления такого сочетания вкусов. Единственное что из спиртного у меня была домашняя бехеровка. Вкус вышел просто огонь!!!

  • всё теперь на балконе не покоптишь-(((новый закон , нельзя на балконе разводить открытый огонь и жарить шашлыки , вот только я не знал что раньше можно было-)))

  • Вместо ступки берешь тряпку ,туда заворачиваешь перец и фигачишь молотком ..и перец ещё сушу на сковородке ,аромат так лучше,а бекон попробуй найди с домашнего парасенка которого смалили а не отпаривали

  • Вот про рыбу Вы правы, Я тоже такую хрень как походная коптильня и подобное терпеть не могу
    Рецепта не знаю, мне знакомая с Украины частенько передает копченого толстолобика, сома, щуку. Покупает в частной коптильне, цена не слабая, но запах и вкус………………………
    Если канал еще ведете и Вас не затруднит сделайте тему про копчение рыбы

  • Добрый день! Вопрос. Почему в сыровялену (сырокопченую) колбасы Вы добавляете ТОЛЬКО нитритку. А в этом рецепте на половину с поваренной?Вроде как есть правило, в сыровял, только нитритку. В чем разница между продуктами? Или это просто вот такое желание? Вчера сделал с коньяком. К Новому Году, думаю, будет вкусняшка. Причем много и разных=))))))) Недавно открыл для себя сумах. Ну в колбасах,копченостях. Дает кислинку и очень здорово подчеркивает вкус мяса и рыбы. Теперь всегда его использую.

  • Расскажите пожалуйста подробнее про ваш дымогенератор. Приобрёл такой-же и также комплект щепы (опилок) с ним. Ну ни как не получается его заставить работать, постоянно гаснет! Расскажите про это подробнее пожалуйста! Спасибо!

  • Господь всемогущий! То чувство, когда слюна не выделяется, а под давлением вбрызгивается в полость рта 🤤😅. Дима, спасибо! Обязательно приготовлю

  • Подскажите а как лучше хранить продукт между копчением в перерывах?

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